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Halle Berry makes Channing Tatum's wife drink whisky as 'payback'

Halle Berry challenged Jenna Dewan Tatum to down a cup of whisky on TV on Thursday (03Aug17) after her husband Channing Tatum got the Oscar winner drunk at Comic-Con.

The Hollywood actress and her Kingsman: The Golden Circle co-stars, including Channing, took turns drinking from a bottle of alcohol at the San Diego, California event last month (Jul17), with the Magic Mike hunk daring Halle to down a pint full of the hard stuff.

She accepted the challenge and stunned fans as she finished the glass, but on Thursday, the 50-year-old made sure to get her own back on Channing by having his actress wife Jenna pay for his actions after learning the Step Up beauty was serving as a guest co-host on talk show Live! with Kelly and Ryan, on which Halle was due to appear.

"I was secretly happy you were here because I need to talk about your man, you saw what he did to me," Halle said during her interview. "Your husband dared me do a pint of bourbon at Comic-Con."

Jenna praised Halle for completing the feat, but she was shocked when the Monster's Ball star pulled out a cup of the brown liquor for her to drink.

"I did do it and guess what? You're going to do it too," Halle continued, prompting Jenna to quip, "This is typical, I'm getting his payback. Nothing like a 9am whisky chug."

Jenna was more then happy to step up to the task and she subsequently revealed her husband had actually helped the two women become friends.

"In the 12 years of knowing Chan, he has never came back after a movie, because you guys just did Kingsman together, and said, 'You've got to meet somebody'," she shared. "He like, friend matched us. We're supposed to be friends..., but he loves you so much, which is amazing."

Halle was quick to return the compliments to Channing too, and confessed he was the only person who could make her down so much liquor - a challenge she has no plans to ever repeat.

"(He) dared me in front of thousands of people... and I'm the kind of girl (that) if you dare me to do something, then I just gotta (do it)," she told breakfast show Good Morning America. "It was awful. The rest of it (Comic-Con) was a blur and awful! It's a life lesson: don't ever do that, anywhere!"

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