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Ginnifer Goodwin accused of DUI after bad parking

Ginnifer Goodwin was once forced to take a breathalyser test when her poor parking skills led police officers to believe she was drunk.

The Walk The Line star was shooting her new TV series Once Upon a Time in Vancouver, Canada when she pulled up to a meter and tried to maneuver her car a tight space.

During an interview on chat program Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings, she recalls, "I did in fact get breathalyzed... because I parked poorly at a meter and apparently, that up there, that is something that requires breathalysation... (I was) 100 per cent sober.

"I have to say I was really degraded at the time, and now it's like the awesomest story ever, so thank God for it.

"He (the cop) actually said to me afterwards, 'Well, I'm not gonna give you a ticket for being intoxicated,' and I was like, 'Right, because that would be crazy, because I'm pretty sure that would actually be illegal to give me a ticket.'"

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