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Gal Gadot's secret superhero selfie

Actress Gal Gadot sent a secret selfie to her husband when she tried on her Wonder Woman costume for the first time.

The Israeli beauty takes on the iconic female superheroine role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, alongside Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, and while the film has been shrouded in secrecy, the 30-year-old admits she couldn't keep her delight at trying on her costume for the first time to herself.

"I secretly selfied myself without having anyone notice that as I was so secretive, and I texted it to my husband and he couldn’t believe that," she laughed to Latino Review at the movie's premiere on Sunday (20Mar16). "And then I was like 'just delete that, delete the photo you never saw that!'"

Gal wasn't the only member of the cast to get excited by their superhero ensemble, with Ben, 43, also having a 'pinch me' moment when he dressed up as the Dark Knight for the first time.

"The first scene I have with Diane Lane comes right after a fight scene, and I have little bit of dialogue with her and it was the first day I'd put it on and it was that moment of, 'Oh my God, I'm actually doing this'," he explained. "I thought about Christian Bale, and George (Clooney) and Tim Burton’s movies, the Batman’s who had done it before and all the directors who had done it before.

"It was very intimidating and I remember thinking, 'Am I going to be able to do this?' and I looked at Diane’s face and she was like, 'We’re going to be alright, it's going to be OK'."

It was one thing to get used to his own costume, but to see all three superheroes in their ensembles together for the first time was another big moment for Ben, especially as his four-year-old son Samuel was on set that day.

"It was definitely a big deal, the first time was actually in a photoshoot before we did the scene," he explained. "My son was visiting me on set that day and I could see in my son’s eyes that feeling I kind of had. He looked at Henry and he was like, 'Dad, is that the real Superman?' as he’d seen other Supermans at kids' parties and he was like, 'That’s the real Superman!"

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