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Gabourey Sidibe pranked Jimmy Kimmel on his wedding day

Actress Gabourey Sidibe pranked talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on his wedding day by walking down the aisle before his bride.

The Empire actress was approached by Jimmy's then-fiancee Molly McNearney ahead of their nuptials in 2013 to work on a secret plan to surprise the groom and the wedding guests.

She explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! "(Molly's) like 'this is super secret don't tell anyone, but we're getting married here, getting married there, at this time and I think it would be really funny if you walk down the aisle before me... I made him promise and swear no pranks, no pranks, no pranks so he's really not going to expect this.'"

They decided Gabourey should wear a wedding dress and walk down the aisle before Molly, and they let nobody in on their secret plan so Gabourey was afraid some of the guests seriously thought she was ruining the ceremony.

"Nobody really understands what's happening," she added on Thursday's (17Mar16) show. "Their faces are going from like panic to... I thought somebody was going to jump me. I was so afraid that somebody was going to run and tackle me and be like, 'Not Molly's day!'... they would go from panic to understanding and then they'd go 'ah, this is hilarious.'"

Jimmy saw the funny side of the prank and was crying with laughter as Gabourey made it to the end of the aisle and said a few words. He told her on the show, "It really was a spectacular moment."

Jimmy and Gabourey became friends when she played a character called Black Hitler in a 2012 sketch.

Jimmy and Molly have since welcomed their first child together in July, 2014. He has two kids from his first marriage.

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