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French Montana names new Ciroc flavor after himself

Rapper French Montana is convinced his new namesake Ciroc French Vanilla flavor will make the cocktail of the year (17).

The Unforgettable hitmaker has replaced Sean 'Diddy' Combs as the brand ambassador for the French vodka company and he had a blast helping tastemakers create a sweet new drink for fans.

"It’s (Ciroc French Vanilla) smooth enough to drink by itself but you could definitely do it in a cocktail, like with ginger ale... That’ll be the cocktail of the year, you know?" he smiled to Billboard while promoting the new beverage, noting he put a lot of effort into making it delicious.

"From the consumer side of things, I give a lot of respect to my work as far as liquor, because I’m someone that’s always enjoying life, you know? So just the whole thing with the vanilla beans... there’s only two things in the world that sell the most and that’s white chocolate and black chocolate," the hip-hop star laughed, "But me just being the consumer and now the first ambassador from CIROC to come out with my own flavor... I’m making sure it’s a winner."

French Montana went on to recommend drinking Ciroc French Vanilla with a fine meal, "Some steak, you know? Or a seafood platter," he added.

The rapper admitted he is likely to consume a lot of the limited edition spirit when it hits the market in the near future and he advises fans who are planning to do the same to make sure they get home safely.

"I feel like, in hip-hop, we’re always going out and having fun, and everybody’s always passing you a shot, so I feel like it’s always been a part of the lifestyle," he said. "I might have to get my own designated driver, though. And I wanna tell everybody out there too, you know, whether you win big or small, just always remember to drink responsibly."

Small quantities of Ciroc French Vanilla will be available for purchase in October (17).

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