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Halsey had no one to turn to when she suffered miscarriage on tour

Singer Halsey opened up about the miscarriage she suffered on tour in 2015 in a bid to help other young women.

In a candid new Playboy interview the Closer hitmaker admits she felt very alone after learning she had lost her baby - and felt she had no one to turn to.

She revealed all about the worst time of her life last year (16) and has no regrets about going public, because she wanted to give a voice to other young women who may be silently suffering.

"Every time I read a miscarriage story, it’s about a happily married woman who loses a baby, and that’s f**king terrible and I empathize, but I never read: 'A 20-year-old girl who’s scared and alone and single had a miscarriage'," she notes. "And guess what, that happens all around the world every day.

"I wanted to say something about it because when I was going through it, I was f**king alone. I didn’t know any artists I could have called and said, ‘Hey, I know this happened to you. What should I do? Can I go back on tour? How long did it take for your hormones to realign?’ I had no one to talk to."

Halsey also addresses her mixed race heritage in the Playboy interview, admitting her looks often provoke confusion.

"I’m half black," she tells the magazine. "I'm white-passing. One of my big jokes a long time ago was, ‘I look white, but I still have white boys in my life asking me why my nipples are brown'.

"Every now and then I experience these racial blips. I look like a white girl, but I don’t feel like one. I’m a black woman. So it has been weird navigating that. When I was growing up I didn’t know if I was supposed to love TLC or Britney (Spears).”

Despite all the confusion she experienced growing up, Halsey, real name Ashley Frangipane, is proud to be of biracial heritage: "I’ve accepted that about myself and have never tried to control anything about black culture that’s not mine," she explains. "I’m proud to be in a biracial family, I’m proud of who I am."

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