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Fergie recruits Kendall Jenner for music video

FERGIE has given model Kendall Jenner a starring role in the music video for Enchante (Carine).

The video begins with the reality star waking up in bed and having a stretch before the footage is edited in a way that her actions are sped up or sometimes reversed.

The footage zooms out to show three beds, and the model randomly materialises and vanishes across all three due to the choppy editing. Each version of Kendall is wearing different clothes and performing a different activity.

This continues throughout the clip, and at times, multiple Kendalls can be seen onscreen throughout the home, with several sat around a dinner table in one scene. She also lip syncs with the song, which has both English and French lyrics.

The 21-year-old shared footage on Instagram and wrote, "Enchanté (Carine) - Fergie music video thank you @fergie @gb65 (Vogue Italia's Giovanni Bianco), Hugo and the inspiration behind the song @carineroitfeld."

She isn't the first Kardashian-Jenner to star in a Fergie video - her half-sister Kim Kardashian appeared in the promo for M.I.L.F. $ last year (16).

Enchante (Carine), which features vocals from Fergie and estranged husband Josh Duhamel's son Axl Jack, is from her new album Double Dutchess, which was released on Friday.

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