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Fans petition Lady Gaga to sever links to vomit artist after festival stunt

Lady Gaga's vomit-art performance at last week's (ends14Mar14) South by Southwest festival in Texas has inspired healthy eating activists to urge the pop superstar to sever ties with controversial artist Millie Brown.

A group of women outraged by the 13 March (14) show, during which Brown threw up on Gaga in the name of art, have teamed up to launch a Care2 petition demanding that the Poker Face singer stop glamorising bulimia.

The Care2 petition already has over 9,000 signatures.

The activists fear Gaga's stunt could potentially serve as a trigger for those struggling with eating disorders, like Gaga, who recently admitted she has fought to overcome bulimia in the past.

Ironically, the vomit-art stage performance in Austin came less than a month after Eating Disorders Awareness Week (23Feb-01Mar14).

Signing on to the petition, Care2 member Rosyln Budoff has written a personal note to Gaga. It reads: "Eating disorders do not need to be glamorized. What kind of message are you sending to young girls? Shame on you for this."

And Kimberly Johnson adds, "Bulimia is NOT funny or something to make lite (sic) of... I am a recovering Bulimic and I almost died in 2009. Eating disorders like this should NOT be glamorized!"

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