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Family comes first for mom-to-be Mila Kunis

Motherhood has prompted Mila Kunis to happily place her acting career as a lower priority.

The Jupiter Ascending star is pregnant with her second child after first becoming a mom to daughter Wyatt in October, 2014, and she admits parenting has given her a new set of top concerns after working throughout her 20s.

"Becoming a mother changed me in that it gave me a new sense of confidence as an actor," she tells WENN. "My priorities really shifted when I decided to start a family.

"I think I became incredibly selfless. It also makes me pick projects differently thinking is this worth me going out of town for and being away from my child. Knowing I was gonna have a baby made me feel like I know I have to give up so much of myself and I'm happy to do that. Now I see characters in a different way and can sympathize with them in a different manner.

"In my 20s I had nothing to lose; I was traveling the world and working non-stop which was great because I was young... Then I was gonna have a husband and a child and I realized, 'This is not worth it. I want to be home with my family'."

The actress married her boyfriend of three years, Ashton Kutcher, in San Bernardino County, California a year ago (Jul15), following a 17-month-long engagement.

Ashton has become one of the people she turns to whenever she takes on a new role, and she loves taking him to premieres of her films. He joined her at the screening of her new comedy Bad Moms.

"He laughed a lot and he got teary-eyed," she says. "He genuinely loved it. If he didn't I would lie to you and tell you he hasn't seen it! Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard were behind us at the screening and Christina Applegate brought her husband, so we all had our hubbies there. It was great."

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