Emily Ratajkowski launches swimsuit line

Emily Ratajkowski has launched a swimsuit line inspired by old Sports Illustrated issues.

The model and actress has unveiled her range Inamorata, boasting three bikinis and three one-pieces in different patterns and colors including polka dots and pillar box red.

As she set about picking the styles, Emily, 26, dived into the archives of Sports Illustrated magazine, focusing particularly on editions from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. The star herself previously posed for the publication's Swimsuit Issue in 2014 and 2015.

“I was looking at an old Sports Illustrated from the ’70s, and there was a painted swimsuit on a model’s body and it was just belted,” she told “I was obsessed with the idea (of a belt).

“There was a picture of Stephanie Seymour in Sports Illustrated where she has three or four (bows), and it was actually in the back. I thought that was so pretty and such a nice way to show the figure. I loved the idea of turning it around.”

Another source of inspiration for her was a recent holiday to Majorca, where she watched women of all ages, shapes and sizes “living in their bathing suits”, going about everything from cooking to looking after their kids.