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Emilia Clarke helping Game of Thrones superfan Nick Jonas land a role

Emilia Clarke has vowed to help Game of Thrones superfan Nick Jonas score a part on his favorite TV show.

The Jealous singer and the British actress, who plays dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen on the cult fantasy series, met up during a BBC radio chat on Thursday (02Jun16), and she was thrilled to learn he was such a devotee.

And she jumped at the chance to help him land a role after he was asked if he would be interested in joining the Game of Thrones cast.

Nick, who has appeared on TV in the dramas Scream Queens and Kingdom, relished the idea, but admitted he felt sure he wasn't on casting directors' wish lists.

"I don't think they would hire me," Jonas said, prompting Emilia to offer to work as his agent.

"Oh, my God," she said. "Let's ask them (showrunners and series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss) now...! I'm going to email them now," before asking Nick if he was open to "dying his hair Targaryen blond".

"Absolutely," Jonas replied. "Let me know."

"There we go," Clarke joked. "You can ride a dragon, honey!"

Nick also recalled meeting Emilia at an Academy Awards party earlier this year (16), and making a fool of himself in front of her.

He explained he wanted to compliment her on the show, but ended up making a "weird" comment about her Instagram account.

"I'm a huge fan," he said. "I've actually already met Emilia and I said just that, at the Oscars after-party. But it wasn't like, 'I'm a fan of the show'. Actually that was a part of it, but I was like, 'I'm also a fan of your Instagram', which I don't know if it is a weird thing to say."

"That's an amazing thing to say!" Clarke reassured him.

"I immediately walked away and was like, 'That sounded stupid'," he added.

"I found it very flattering," Clarke said. "I'm proud of Instagram."

The former The Jonas Brothers star went on to explain why he finds Emilia's social media exploits interesting, stating, "She posts great stuff, like insight into the show, behind-the-scenes pictures and stuff."

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