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Ellie Goulding: 'Lake plunge was terrifying'

Ellie Goulding has opened up about her brush with death in Norway last month (Jan16), revealing she was told it was safe to drive over an icy lake before the vehicle plunged into the water.

The Burn star had a terrifying accident during a vacation in January (16) when an all-terrain vehicle she was traveling in with a group of friends was cast into freezing waters.

The incident was made public by her photographer friend Conor McDonnell who shared a snap of the semi-submerged van, and Ellie has now recounted the experience during a U.K. radio interview, calling the accident "scary".

"The thing (vehicle) that we were in collapsed over a lake. We were told it was safe but it clearly wasn't. We were in safe hands but it was pretty scary," she tells Britain's Radio 1 Breakfast Show. "I was rescued within five minutes. But when the person went back to get everyone else, it'd nearly entirely sunk. It was five meters down. But I'm fine... We decided we wanted to go out exploring. It was like -30C and I'd never been out in anything like it. We were out on a mountain."

After Conor initially published the image of the group's sunken van, Ellie shared it on her social media pages, writing, "Throwback to a few weeks ago when myself and @conormcdphoto nearly ended up in a lake in -30... Note to self don't drive a BV206 over a frozen lake".

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