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Ellie Goulding combines passion for music and running

Ellie Goulding has teamed up with Nike to fuse her passions for music and exercise together.

Ellie Goulding, who is promoting the Nike + Run to the Beat half-marathon in London this month (Sep11), has extended her commitment to the firm and is set to create a documentary about her hobbies - singing and running.

She says, "It's fantastic to be able to combine two things that I am so passionate about with such a cool brand. Being able to run while on a busy touring schedule is difficult but it is something I make a priority and I think this film will show how I manage to combine the two”.

Ellie Goulding will also help athletes fuel their workouts by launching a special 30-minute musical mix, called Run Into The Light, which can be purchased on iTunes.

The singer's film, which will be shot in America and her native England, will premiere later this month (Sep11).

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