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Elizabeth Olsen inspired to increase cardio because of Tom Hiddleston

Actress Elizabeth Olsen stepped up her cardio workouts when she realized her latest co-star, Tom Hiddleston, was running 10 miles a day.

The 27-year-old stars alongside the British actor in Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light, and witnessing the 35-year-old lose weight for the role had quite an impact on Elizabeth.

"I didn't consciously think about it; I naturally have curves," she explained to Vogue when asked about the classic 1940s nipped-in waist look she had to achieve. "But I did exercise differently - I think because Tom was running, like, 10 miles a day to lose weight, and that's not an exaggeration! So I was motivated to do more cardio. I usually do a lot of weight training and interval training, but while I was there I didn't."

Elizabeth plays the legendary singer's wife, manager and duet partner Audrey Sheppard Williams, and had the chance to dress in clothes synonymous with the era, as well as have her hair perfectly coiffed and wear a classic red lip.

"She was always a pulled-together woman," the actress explained. "She didn't really wear too much make-up, but she always had a beautiful lip color on. Also, she would dye her hair so many different kinds of blondes, so we were trying to figure out a blonde that would make sense for the whole movie."

While shooting a movie can be a full on experience, Elizabeth admitted to the publication she's actually a lot healthier when she's on set than when she's at home with time on her hands.

"I tend to make my own food, like grains and vegetables and different kinds of dressings," she added. "I ordered some pressed juice to Park City (Utah), and I mix a lot of smoothies. I like the Bulletproof protein bars because those are filling and clean, and I take probiotics and vitamins. But I don't understand the people who say a glass of wine is their cheat. To me, that's just what's going to happen if I'm not working the next day."

I Saw The Light is released in theaters on Friday (25Mar16).

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