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Elijah Wood models for Mr. Porter

Elijah Wood can add model to his resume after starring in a campaign to celebrate the 100th edition of men's fashion website Mr. Porter.

The Lord of the Rings star shot a two-minute promotional video for the style site in which he plays a disgruntled office worker who breaks into his boss' office to smoke a cigarette and drink champagne out of a trophy.

Wood shows off his modelling skills in an accompanying photoshoot in which he wears a series of designer labels including Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Paul Smith.

In an interview for the website, Wood explains his thoughts on fashion, insisting his favourite place to shop is Japan as he usually struggles to find clothes that fit.

He says, "I suppose fashion is a part of my life. Not in any kind of major way. I think everybody has a costume - I'm pretty simple. I just like things that are relatively classic and timeless...

"For me, fit has everything to do with it. In Japan, every single thing I put on would fit, which just does not happen in the US. I kind of went a little crazy. It's nice to go into a store, see something I like and go, 'That will fit'. It was awesome. Japan's a great place to shop."

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