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Eddie Redmayne: 'Fatherhood made me re-evaluate my career'

Eddie Redmayne thinks harder about the film choices he makes now he's a father.

The 34-year-old actor welcomed his first child, daughter Iris, with wife Hannah Bagshawe in June (16). And while Eddie has had more movie hits than flops since becoming a star, he admitted in a new interview that becoming a parent has changed how he considers the parts he takes on.

"As any mother or father finds, being pulled away from your kids to go to work is tricky, so it makes you think harder, perhaps, about what choices you make," Eddie told U.K. television show Good Morning Britain.

Eddie was just one of the famous faces attending a fan event for new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in Las Vegas on Thursday night (13Oct16).

The red-headed star plays magizoologist Newt Scamander in the movie, an adaptation of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter spin-off book which is set in the same universe as the Harry Potter stories, but takes place in 1920s New York.

The Theory of Everything actor admits he felt a lot of pressure from Harry Potter fans coming in to Fantastic Beasts. However, the most pressure came from himself.

"All of us were fans of the Potter films, so if you’re a fan, you’re kind of your own harshest critic as well," he added to Good Morning Britain.

"I feel enormous pressure," he added at the fan event. "That comes from (the fact) that we were all fans and we all grew up watching these films. For me, getting to go and see a Potter film every couple of years was like diving into that warm, cosy place that made you feel happy about the world."

Eddie also revealed that he realized the enormity of what he was taking on when he first arrived on set and saw some of the magical props littered around.

"I remember seeing this newspaper stand that was miles down the street and it was never going to be in shot," he explained. "I was walking past it during a break and I saw all of these newspapers, and I started reading the articles.

"Not just the front cover, but every single page had an intricate story entirely related to that day and date. That detail was just so intoxicating that I actually found it quite invigorating."

Writer J.K. Rowling has confirmed the Fantastic Beasts movie series will consist of five movies in total, with the first movie due for release in November (16) and a sequel slated for November 2018.

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