Ed Sheeran glad he quit Twitter

Ed Sheeran is a lot happier after quitting Twitter.

The singer/songwriter's quality of life has drastically improved since he decided to stop reading trolls' thoughts about his music on the social media platform, and ditched his 20 million followers.

"All the things that get blown up on Twitter are all so, so, so negative," the Perfect singer tells The Sun. "Nothing's being celebrated. On Instagram it's like, 'Yay, this,' whereas Twitter is like, 'No, f**k this'.

"I know some people don't like my music - I'm aware of that. But I'm also aware that a lot of ­people do. Hearing people's opinions, especially people I've never met, on my character forms a sort of paranoia in you. No one actually says it to my face, so I just don't hear it anymore... Now not reading it gives my head a bit more of a break.

"I don't hear any noise whatsoever, but that goes on the other side of things as well. I don't hear the positive or the ­negative so my ego's not getting inflated or ripped to shreds. You can kind of stay very level."