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Dustin Hoffman kisses Niall Horan

Dustin Hoffman gave One Direction's Niall Horan a warm welcome during a recent taping of the Late Show With David Letterman by pretending to passionately kiss him on the lips.

The movie legend and the boyband were both guests on Friday night's (07Dec12) episode of the talk show, and Dustin Hoffman decided to briefly join the singers as they stepped on set for a chat with host David Letterman.

As One Direction squeezed onto the couch, Dustin Hoffman took a seat on the arm of the sofa and put his arm around Horan, who was stuck at the end, before pretending to lay a big smooch on him.

Dustin Hoffman gave the Irish pop star a moment's notice about his planned prank, and was heard saying, "I'll kiss you on the mouth, ready?", but Niall Horan still appeared to be a little surprised as the Rain Man veteran placed his hand over the youngster's mouth and jokingly made out with him, much to the delight of the females in the studio audience.

The actor left the stage moments immediately afterwards and the sloppy kiss looked so convincing, even bandmate Louis Tomlinson had to ask if it was a real lip-lock, prompting Horan to explain, "He put his hand over (my mouth). He told me he was gonna do it."

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