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Dorff scarred after Disneyland trip discovery

Actor Stephen Dorff was emotionally scarred during a childhood trip to Disneyland after accidentally stumbling upon the theme park's secret character closet.

The Blade star visited the attraction in California with his dad when he was just seven years old, but the magic of meeting and greeting the iconic characters quickly disappeared when he learned first-hand they weren't real.

During an appearance on chat show The Talk on Friday (11Nov11), he said, "I was scarred emotionally at Disneyland. I was like seven, and my dad was going to wait for me outside the bathroom because I wanted to go by myself. But in Disneyland you can easily go the wrong way if the other door is open, and I ended up in the changing room and I saw Minnie Mouse take her head off.

"And then I looked over and I saw Dumbo, and Goofy, and Mickey and all these heads on hooks. And I started crying, and then I got lost, I couldn't find my dad and I got outside and they (the workers) started giving me Churros (pastries) and pretzels (to cheer me up)."

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