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Dental nurse begged Gwendoline Christie for spoilers during operation

Gwendoline Christie was pressed for Game Of Thrones spoilers by a dental nurse during a root canal procedure.

The cast of the TV fantasy drama are sworn to secrecy over the plot, but one fan of the show try to squeeze story details out of Gwendoline, who plays Brienne of Tarth, while she was lying in the dentist's chair.

"There was one incident that was a bit unusual that I had with a Game of Thrones fan while I was having a root canal," she told U.K. host Alan Carr. "So I was in the dentist chair and it was a very unglamorous state of affairs where they had done something and something was happening with the roots, and I had a clamp in my mouth.

"The clamp was in the mouth with the plastic sheet up around the mouth as well, and the dentist left me with the nurse. The nurse really slapped me hard on the knee and said, 'Now, tell me what happens in Game of Thrones'. The thing is I could have given it all away and she wouldn't have understood."

During the interview, Gwendoline also confessed she landed the role of Captain Phasma in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens by wearing down director J.J. Abrams by constantly pleading for the part.

"I begged for six months. I was begging, begging, begging. 'Please can I be seen for this film?' all the time," she adds. "My representatives at the time would be emailing and sending me lovely emails about other possible jobs and I would just email back 'I really want to be in Star Wars'. That just kept on and kept on until I think I probably exhausted some people and then they finally made a call, and they probably exhausted all of them with asking too. I think J.J. just did it out of sympathy because I'd worn him down."

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