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Demi Lovato was nervous about see-through Grammys dress

Demi Lovato felt awkward standing next to her dad in a see-through dress on the Grammys red carpet.

The Cool For the Summer singer was reluctant to wear the crocheted Julien MacDonald gown, but her stylist and friends insisted she looked too good in it to choose something else.

"I tried on the dress and I was like, 'I'm not wearing this; it's completely see-through', and my stylist was like, 'It looks amazing', and everyone was like, 'It looks amazing'," Demi tells U.S. chat show host Ellen DeGeneres. "Then I convinced myself."

"But I was on the red carpet with my dad - and that was awkward... He said he approved, but I don't know if he realized it was see-through!"

Demi was picked as one of the best-dressed stars at music's big night and now she's glad she was brave enough to wear the revealing gown.

"It was made from this expensive type of yarn," she adds. "It has metal in it."

The singer also performed onstage at the Grammy Awards as part of a tribute to the Bee Gees, as the band's only surviving member Barry Gibb watched from the audience.

Demi admits she didn't know much about the band before she was asked to be part of the 50th anniversary salute, alongside Tori Kelly and Little Big Town, but she has always loved the Gibb brothers' songs like Stayin' Alive, Saturday Night Fever, and How Deep is Your Love.

"I didn't know much (about them) but I knew the songs," she says. "They're huge."

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