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Debby Ryan assures fans she is alive after Debbie Reynolds confusion

Disney star Debby Ryan has made it clear she is alive and well after confused fans misread the news of Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds' death on Wednesday (28Dec16).

The Singin' in the Rain star passed away at the age of 84, just a day after losing her daughter, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, and as fans flocked to social media to mourn her death, Ryan's young fans thought the 23-year-old Jessie actress had died.

"Omg (oh my god) I can't believe that 2016 took away Debby Ryan too," one Twitter user wrote. "Rip girl, I will always be Jessie's #1 fan."

After receiving a number of other tweets, which appeared to reference her false death, Ryan took to Twitter early on Thursday (29Dec16) to reach out to her devotees and assure them she was fine.

She wrote, "No... guys, that's very thoughtful but it's Reynolds. Debbie Reynolds..."

The case of mistaken identity came as a shock to some of Ryan's more informed followers, who reacted to her tweet with pure astonishment.

"I honestly don't know how how anyone could (get the stars confused)," one person wrote. "The age difference, the resume, THE SPELLING."

Another remarked, "Oh my... please tell me no one got confused..."

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