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David Beckham cuts his hair

David Beckham has confessed he cuts his own hair.

The soccer star has famously sported a range of headline-grabbing hairstyles during his career, including a mohawk, a ponytail, and a '50s-style quiff.

Now he's sensationally admitted he refuses to pay the world's leading barbers to craft his crop, preferring to cut it himself.

David Beckham tells British magazine GQ, "It literally is a spur of the moment decision. People try to read too much into it; over the years they've said I've spent £2,000 on a hairstyle, which I've never done.

"Either a friend has cut it or I do it myself. Sometimes, I wake up and I'm bored of it, I want to shave it off. And I don't think of anything apart from whether I'm happy with it."

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