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Ciara drops hints about new reality TV job

R&B star Ciara has teased fans about a big TV project in the near future after suggesting she's in talks to join a top talent show as a judge.

The Goodies hitmaker is refusing to divulge details about the top secret project, but heavily hints that it will have something to do with her background as a dancer, as opposed to programs like American Idol.

She says, "Let me say this: (I don't see myself) on the singing shows, (but) there are some cool things that I'm working on now that I can't talk about..."

Ciara admits she never thought she would be interested in joining a judging panel before, but she has since changed her mind.

She adds, "I used to have a problem with the idea of judging someone because I know I'm not perfect and who am I to tell someone how to do something right. I feel like I have so many things I have to work on myself, but if I was to do it, I would definitely be the nicer judge of all. It's hard to really be so mean to someone."

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