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Christina Hendricks ready to jump aboard Wonder Woman

Christina Hendricks is keen to lasso the role of Wonder Woman after director Nicolas Winding Refn named her his ideal actress for the superhero part.

Nicolas Winding Refn, who worked with the Mad Men beauty on new film Drive, has been picked to helm a big screen adaptation of the hit TV series.

And the voluptuous redhead admits she would accept the role "in a heartbeat" if Refn was behind the camera.

She tells New York magazine, "I grew up on the TV show, and I had Wonder Woman Underoos, and my brother had a Wonder Woman doll - sorry, Aaron, you're exposed.

"Nicolas said, when we were on set, 'I want you to be Wonder Woman'. And I think he is such an extraordinary and exceptional director that if he asked me to do it, I would do it in a heartbeat.

"I would certainly do what Nicolas wanted to do, and I can only guess what his version would be, but as I grew up with - and am now married to - a comic book fan, I think it's important to be true to the original comic books, because I know that the fans love every detail and it's very important to them.

"So I think it would be cool to do that. I look forward to learning more about it, actually. I should probably start reading them, so that if someone were to ask me, I would be fully prepared."

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