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Chris Hemsworth was 'intimidated' by revealing Vacation scene

Australian action man Chris Hemsworth felt "intimated" by one revealing scene in new comedy Vacation, because he had to model a prosthetic manhood and show off his goods in tight underwear.

The Thor star reveals he spent hours trying on a variety of prosthetics to get the look just right as he was already nervous about the shoot, and he decided to go for the biggest one available in a bid to get the most laughs.

He tells Eonline.com, "We went bigger, bold! I was intimidated by that set and that scene... but this is why I got into the business to have fun, and this is fun.

"It was embarrassing, hilarious and probably more (funny) for other people than me."

Hemsworth wasn't the only one who felt a little awkward during his fitting sessions - co-writers/directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley admit it was "the weirdest, hottest couple hours".

However, Hemsworth's co-star Christina Applegate insists it wasn't the large prosthetic which distracted her during filming - it was his tight abs.

She says, "I didn't even notice it because all of us were in awe of his abs, in that scene... not like, in a way being really lascivious towards the poor guy... but he's so insanely funny in this movie, and I think that's what people are gonna take away from this movie when they see it."

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