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Charlize Theron belched in Emily Blunt's face

Charlize Theron belched in co-star Emily Blunt's face while filming a scene for The Huntsman: Winter's War.

The 40-year-old actress stars as Ravenna in the fantasy movie, with Emily taking on the role of her sister Queen Freya. The pair donned some incredible ensembles for the film, but the costumes had an unfortunate effect on Charlize in one particular scene.

"This one (Charlize) had to glide towards me during a really intense scene and she went, ‘This is my kingdom, my dominion, (burp).’ It was like the longest burp ever!" Emily laughed during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night (21Apr16). "In the face. It was so funny to me that I could no longer do the scene."

"It was like a throat gurgle," Charlize added. "The problem is you can’t adjust (in the dress). It’s just impossible to digest anything so it just kind of gets stuck. And I tend to eat my food after my close up is done, so I don’t really care about the other actors. It’s usually when I have a tuna and onion sandwich and I’m like (exhale)."

Colleen Atwood was responsible for film's costumes. Charlize added in the interview that wearing one of Colleen's ensembles had a huge effect on her acting skills.

"I mean, we would show up in the morning and rehearse in our sweatpants and Uggs, and then it would be OK," Charlize said. "And then we’d show up in our hair and make-up and wardrobe and everything and all of a sudden it was like great. Like all of a sudden some magic would happen."

Charlize and Emily star alongside Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth, who play the huntsmen in the film. However, while the actress' admit it was sometimes tough wearing the heavy beaded dresses, they acknowledge it was nothing compared to the stunts Jessica, who plays Sara, had to endure.

"We were like sitting on set being like, ‘My feet hurt’, and then these guys were doing stunt training and wire work, which I’m good not doing," Emily, who is pregnant with her second child, smiled.

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