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Charli XCX spied on fans for clothing line inspiration

Singer Charli Xcx took inspiration from her fans' social media accounts while designing her latest fashion collection.

The British star has collaborated with online fashion brand Boohoo.com for her second clothing range, and in a new interview with Elle Australia, she revealed her fans were her inspiration during the design process.

"My fans were my muses when it came to this collection," she said. "I kind of love creeping on them on Instagram; they all have really cute, individual style and always edit their photos in a way that I love. I wanted to make this collection for them. They are cool girls and guys who have individual tastes but also love throwback, early-2000s-style pieces."

The 23-year-old's own quirky style has always earned her a lot of attention, and her close involvement with the creative process for the collection means the finished result has her stamp all over it.

"(It's) quarter cute, quarter sexy, quarter festival-wear, quarter Y2K... and all me," she laughed when asked to describe the range. "The snakeskin dresses are very true to my own closet. The cut, the material, the way that one of them has its own choker attached to it... it's very me!

"Also there are some really cute Y2K-inspired dresses that can definitely be found in my own wardrobe. It was really important to make this collection something I would actually wear and love... otherwise, what’s the point?"

Charli has always loved fashion, and likes to regularly switch up her look to keep things fresh and exciting.

"Fashion is instant," she said. "It makes you feel something the second you see it on a body... whether you love it or hate it, or it offends you or it makes you laugh or cry. I love anything that makes you be able to feel something straight away. It means you can express yourself without even saying anything."

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