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Charli XCX channels movie fashion through clothing line

Singer Charli Xcx was inspired by Legally Blonde and Romy And Michele's High School Reunion when designing her own clothing range.

The pop star has collaborated with retail website Boohoo.com on a 37-piece line, including slip dresses, peasant skirts and lace crop tops. Growing up Charli aspired to be a designer before she dreamed about music, so threw herself straight into the creative process when the moment came.

"It was really fun to be so involved in choosing the fabrics, learning what cuts work, and what you can do with certain materials," she told WWD. "I pulled references from some of my favourite designers.

“I think it was also watching movies like Romy and Michele, and even Legally Blonde when she restyles herself as a lawyer. I like the idea of makeovers and I always used to draw dress ideas that I would want to have. I used to staple clothes together and my mum would get really annoyed because I would rip out her old clothes and staple them to make new stuff because I couldn’t sew. I had to staple.”

Charli already expresses herself well through fashion and is known for her mix of bold and classic styles. A clothing line only further brings out her personality for fans to see, and it isn't the first time she's teamed up with Boohoo after creating a holiday line for the brand. That collection did so well, it sold out not long after launching.

“I think my fans were really excited about wearing it and I just want to have that special connection with girls, with my fans and be able to wear stuff that I would genuinely wear and feel good in. I want them to feel good," Charli smiled.

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