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Channing Tatum invested in miracle tea after Magic Mike brews

Movie hunk Channing Tatum became such a fan of energy-boosting Guayusa leaf tea on the set of Magic Mike he jumped at the chance to invest in Tyler Gage's business.

Gage, who ironically shares his name with that of Tatum's character in the Step Up films, is the brains behind the energy drink brand Runa, which the actor guzzles on a daily basis to give himself a caffeine-free pick-me-up.

The entrepreneur came across the miracle tea while traveling through Ecuador and decided to start a business shipping the leaf back home.

Tatum recently took an ABC News film crew to the Amazon to visit with villagers who brew the tea every morning.

"They got up before the light and they start brewing Guayusa and they do it to create community and to talk to their young and so their elders can pass on their stories," he revealed.

"For me, getting to come here and hear the stories of how they found the plant and these myths of lore and legend and I don't know, it's beautiful and people can connect to it."

The movie star first got hooked on the tea while searching for something to help him fight exhaustion on the Magic Mike set.

"I was going through six to seven cans," he said. "It became an obsession."

And it was a real breakthrough for the actor, because a quick coffee break always gave him "the shakes".

Following his first trip to Ecuador to visit Gage's Runa lab, where Guayusa leaves are collected, dried and shipped, Tatum became fascinated by the early morning rituals of the people who start every day with a calming brew - and now he sits and chats with his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum over a cup of tea before he begins his day.

And he's such a fan of the tea and the people who brew it, he's hoping to spread the word and become a travel guide of sorts: "If anyone has a lot of money and they would like for me to host a tour, I will totally do that."

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