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Chance the Rapper's daughter makes her social media debut

Chance The Rapper has introduced fans to his daughter for the first time since her birth in 2015.

The No Problems hitmaker became a father for the first time in September, 2015, but the fiercely private rapper had never posted any pictures of Kensli until Sunday (01Jan17).

"This is the girl who reintroduced me to God," he wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of his daughter dressed up in a lion costume. "She's the woman who reminded me how to be a man, and taught me how to love.

"She is everything I am but much better. I can't wait for her to one day help the world the way she has helped me."

The 23-year-old also shared a picture of himself, Kensli, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

"Look up Kensli, say cheese!" he wrote.

And in another post on the social media site, the rapper reflected on the joys of becoming a father.

"Dads know you can't/won't get this love anywhere else," he added. "We are the chosen few, the responsibility is heavy but duty is an honor. Mothers better know it ain't one thing in this world we can (do) without you (sic). Thank you to her mother, my mother and God for making all things possible."

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