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Cara Delevingne strips to celebrate 10 million Instagram followers

Model and actress Cara Delevingne celebrated an Instagram.com milestone on Wednesday (11Mar15) by posting a sexy shot for her 10 million followers.

Delevingne stripped down to her bra, covered her genitals with a heart balloon and placed fruit items all over her body to celebrate landing 10 million fans.

The Brit, who will appear in upcoming comic book blockbuster Suicide Squad, captioned the saucy photo: "It's (sic) seems like complete insanity that I have 10 million followers so I thought I would cover myself in fruit and write on my stomach in red lipstick which now won't come off! This strange fruity thanks you is for you, especially the people who have supported me from the beginning! Lots of exciting things to come so watch this space."

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