"We wanted to do something different, something I've never done before, so that was probably the coolest thing we could come up with," Spears told radio host Elvis Duran on Monday (29Aug16). "He's (G-Eazy) so sweet! He's got a lot of swag, he's got the whole cool thing going on.

"I got to do some of his song... and so it just made it more interesting for me. My kids think he's fricking cool! They're like, 'Mum! You're cool now!' I'm like, 'Thanks!' That's all I had to do!"

Britney's performance at Sunday's (28Aug16) VMAs came just two days after the release of her latest album, Glory, which she told Duran is one of the most important projects she has ever worked on.

"I've spent so much time on this record it means a lot to me...," she explained. "I think that now that I'm older, I'm more up to experiment more and I'm more creative with the people just to try different things because I've been doing it for a while now, so it's fun to change it up."

Meanwhile, Britney is auctioning off the outfit she wore onstage at the New York awards show to raise cash for aid relief in her flooded home state of Louisiana.

The singer, who is originally from Kentwood, set up a special contest in conjunction with the American Red Cross and crowdfunding site CrowdRise, offering fans who donated $10 to the cause the chance to win the sparkly outfit in a raffle.

One winner will pick up the outfit and an autographed copy of her new album. A separate winner and a guest were flown to New York City to attend the VMAs and meet Britney prior to her performance.