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Blake Shelton takes on Twitter troll

Blake Shelton has posted a message to all online haters after getting into a heated exchange with a troll on Thursday (09Jun16).

The country music star took to the micro-blogging site on Thursday night to respond to fans when a tweet from former fan named Lori caught his eye, and he couldn't help but take her on.

Lori referenced Blake's girlfriend Gwen Stefani's song Used to Love You and wrote, "@blakeshelton I 'used to love you' not so much anymore. I turn off the radio at work when any of ur songs come on. Can’t stand u anymore (sic)."

Blake didn't seem bothered by her criticism as he fired back, "Oh no!!!! Now what will I do?!!! Someone who doesn't know me at all can't stand me!!! How will I live?!!"

Lori explained that he had "changed and not in a good way" so Blake questioned why she is still following him if she doesn't even like him anymore, writing that perhaps she's "a little slow".

He continues his point by adding, "Here’s the part where she’s blankly staring at her can of Pringles trying to figure it out herself."

The singer then blocks the follower, and before signing off, he fired off a blanket warning to all online trolls.

"And to any haters out there.. Have yourself a nice warm cup full of camel b**ls," he tweeted.

The 39-year-old said during the SiriusXM's Music Row Happy Hour radio show in May (16) that he had cut down on responding to Twitter trolls because he realized he couldn't keep getting "worked up" over the online criticisms as he was becoming known for biting back.

"At first it was fun for me to get on there – I don't know that anybody has as many haters out there as I do, at least in the country music world – I think that's what was fun about Twitter for me, to get down there and be like 'oh, really,' and just fire back at 'em," he said.

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