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Berenice Marlohe experienced Bond movie premonition

Berenice Marlohe is convinced she was destined to land her role in Skyfall after having a premonition of working with Javier Bardem.

The French actress plays Severine in the upcoming 23rd Bond movie, opposite Daniel Craig as the superspy and Bardem as his nemesis Raoul Silva.

And she knew she was fated to win the part after discovering Bardem had already been cast - six months after she dreamed of shooting with him.

Berenice Marlohe tells British magazine GQ, "It was very funny. Six months before the audition, I had gone to America to try to find an agent. And suddenly I had a dream about Javier Bardem. It was so strange, because I never dream of actors. I think he was my coach or something. And after the dream, suddenly I felt so peaceful. Like, everything is going to be fine.

"Six months later, I went back to Paris and heard about the auditions, and it wasn't until the second interview that someone told me maybe we would have Javier Bardem. I thought, 'Ah, another sign!'. Sometimes life and the universe comes into line."

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