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Behati Prinsloo turns tooth into pendant

Supermodel Behati Prinsloo decided to commemorate her wisdom tooth extraction by turning her molar into a gold pendant.

The South African beauty underwent the surgery in August (15), and on Saturday (07Nov15), she gave her followers an update on the matter, revealing her unexpected move in keeping her tooth with her forever.

"I dipped my wisdom tooth in gold," she wrote along with a photo of her molar gilded in gold and attached to a chain.

Just after her wisdom tooth surgery, she took to Instagram.com to share a post-recovery video in which she is holding onto ice packs and singing The Weekend's Can't Feel My Face, and she quips, "I really can't feel my face."

Another photo featured her in bed with her singer husband Adam Levine, writing, "My nurse is the perfect combination of sexy and cute... update: day 2 after removing my wisdom teeth SUCK!!!!!!"

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