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Aspiring MC raps for Kanye West on New York City street

Kanye West gave an aspiring rapper the once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform for him on the streets of New York City.

The Stronger hitmaker was walking home with his fiancee Kim Kardashian in Manhattan's SoHo neighbourhood, when a young man approached him to ask if he could demonstrate his hip-hop skills.

In video footage acquired by TMZ.com, the aspiring rapper told West that he had actually performed for him in the past, but the Grammy winner brushed him off and was not impressed with his impromptu set. The rejection only fueled the MC to work harder and perfect his rhymes.

West allowed the young hopeful to rap while they were walking to their apartment, and when they reached the doors, West decided to stay behind to listen to the man finish his verse.

When he was done, West smiled and said, "It sounded good man. But I'm gonna get some sleep."

The two shook hands and West joined his fiancee inside.

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