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Ashton Irwin tells Niall Horan to 'get a job'

Niall Horan has been urged to "get a job" in a fun Twitter exchange with fellow pop pal Ashton Irwin.

The One Direction star has been enjoying his downtime since the band embarked on an extended hiatus in December (15), and he took to Twitter on Monday (28Mar16) to boast about his lazy Easter break.

"Literally haven't left the couch all day...," he wrote. "Watched telly (TV), ate Chinese food, ate an Easter egg."

His post prompted 5 Seconds of Summer's Ashton to have a little fun at Niall's expense.

"Get a job ya hippie (sic)," Ashton joked in response to Niall's original tweet, leading the Irish singer to reply, "Hahahaha."

The Australian drummer's funny comment was all in jest as the musicians previously hit it off when their bands toured together in 2013.

Niall has been taking it easy since the One Direction boys announced plans to take some time out of the group. He has previously shown off photos on social media of his vacation in Thailand, while he has also been working on his drive on the golf course as he works on setting up his own golf management company to seek up and coming U.K. talent.

And it appears taking a step back from the spotlight has allowed Niall to enjoy a little anonymity after taking to Snapchat over the weekend (26-27Mar16) to share a photo of himself riding one of London's Underground trains unnoticed.

Wearing a green jacket and a tweed flat cap, Niall simply captioned the snap, "TUBE!"

Meanwhile, his bandmate Louis Tomlinson has been enjoying life as a new dad, while Harry Styles is reportedly trying to launch his acting career in Hollywood, and Liam Payne has been hitting the studio to work on solo material.

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