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Ashley Greene turns her gym into a nightclub

Actress Ashley Greene stays amped up at the gym by pretending workouts are parties.

The 29-year-old Twilight star stays active six days a week by engaging in hiking, yoga and personal fitness sessions at celebrity trainer Jason Walsh's Rise Nation gym in West Hollywood, where customers get a chance to workout on the innovative VersaClimber machine.

The apparatus is designed to replicate the cardio and fat-burning benefits of vertical rock climbing.

“It's 30 minutes, so for me it's easy to get motivated for something like that,” Ashley tells People magazine. "You sweat out any toxin that you had in your body, and it’s a fun atmosphere. There’s loud music - it’s like you’re training in a club!”

Social Ashley loves working out in a group, so Rise Nation's sessions are perfect for her.

"There’s a group of six to eight of us that try to go together, so it’s a fun, positive friend activity versus going out to eat,” she adds.

Regular exercise is essential for the actress, because she does not impose strict restrictions on her diet - although she doesn't like to overindulge on foods she knows she shouldn't eat.

"I always try and do everything in moderation," she shares. "I think because I do enjoy being physically active all the time, I have a little more leeway than most people. But I'm generally pretty healthy."

“If I’m in New York, I always go to John’s Pizza on Bleecker (Street) because it’s so delicious,” she adds. “I literally can house half a pizza. It’s just so good, it’s totally worth it.”

And there's one snack Ashley can't resist: "I try not to have Cheez-Its in my house because I just love them!"

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