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Ashlee Simpson shocks fans with profane comeback

Singer Ashlee Simpson has shed her squeaky-clean image by swearing and flashing her underwear in the edgy video for her pop comeback.

Jessica Simpson's little sister is out to prove she's all grown up as she prepares to release her single Bat For A Heart, her first new material since 2008 album Bittersweet World.

In a preview of the black-and-white promo, Simpson can be seen showing off tattoos, dancing in her panties and pounding against the walls of a padded cell.

And the lyrics to the track are far from wholesome as an angsty Simpson sings, "I'm out of my mind, running towards danger/ I'm gonna bang bang, f**k you up/ Twist you out inside of my head..."

Bat For A Heart is due out on 21 November (12).

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