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Anne Hathaway applauds state leaders for letting in Syrian refugees

Actress Anne Hathaway has taken to social media to applaud state leaders who are welcoming the resettlement of new Syrian refugees in the country.

Governors from more than half of the 50 states have declared they will not allow Syrian refugees to settle into their region following the terror attacks in Paris, France on Friday (13Nov15).

President Barack Obama announced in September (15) that 10,000 Syrians would be relocated to the U.S. in 2016 to help alleviate the refugee crisis in Europe, but now many leaders have voiced their opposition of the plans amid fears terrorists may gain entry into their state.

The only governors who have stood by their word to accept Syrians represent Washington, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware and Hawaii, and Hathaway has now applauded their stance on Instagram.com.

"Bravo to these states and their brave leaders for promising to accept Syrian refugees and for not letting terrorists rob them of their humanity," The Princess Diaries actress writes. "I know we must proceed cautiously, but we cannot forget our obligation to one another as citizens of this planet. I'm proud to quote Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware, 'It is unfortunate that anyone would use the tragic events in Paris to send a message that we do not understand the plight of these refugees, ignoring the fact that the people we are talking about are fleeing the perpetrators of terror.' Peace and love to all mankind."

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