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Anna Paquin fires back at Internet trolls over 'fat' comments

Anna Paquin has taken aim at body shamers who have suggested the actress is pregnant again after showing off a fuller figure at the premiere of her new film, The Good Dinosaur.

The True Blood actress walked the red carpet at the Los Angeles event wearing an embroidered black dress with a full skirt, and outfit that prompted some Internet trolls to comment on her look on Twitter.com.

Clearing up speculation about her apparent weight gain after the bash, she snarled, "Fun fact: Wearing a dress that is not skintight=Pregnant/invites people 2 call u (sic) fat. I'm neither so thanks 4 (sic) that."

The mother of two, who also shared a snap of herself at the premiere with her husband and former TV co-star Stephen Moyer, later returned to the social media site to hit back at other critical comments she had received after her previous tweet.

She wrote, "dear mother nature, people who bravely hide behind computers and pass judgment have informed me my pale skin and dark hair=old/ugle (ugly)/harsh."

Her post prompted her real fans to shower her with praise, and Paquin, 33, expressed her thanks by responding, "sorry if this feels like blatant compliment fishing, really not my intention but do appreciate the love (sic)".

The actress, who shares fraternal three-year-old twins Poppy and Charlie with Moyer, previously opened up about the pressures of staying slim in Hollywood.

"It's one of those things that's instilled in you, that it'd be really unfortunate for you to not fit the sample size," she told Shape magazine in 2010. "I think that's a shame.

"If you're not in shape and you don't look a certain way you might not get the parts you want. I wish it wasn't an aspect of the job, but I'd be lying if I said it isn't something I think about."

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