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Amy Schumer's illness shut down her movie with Goldie Hawn

Amy Schumer was so sick while filming her new movie that she had to be hospitalised.

The comedienne appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday (22Aug16), and joked she was feeling winded after walking from backstage to sit opposite the host.

When Stephen asked if she was feeling unwell, Amy explained that she had a calamitous time while making her as yet untitled action-comedy with Goldie Hawn in Hawaii recently.

"I just finished filming a movie, I was in Hawaii all summer with Goldie Hawn... I got really sick there," Amy recalled. "I got bronchitis, and I was exhausted, I was in the hospital, we had to stop shooting for a whole week.

"It was rock bottom. I couldn't speak. I coughed so hard I fractured my own ribs. So, that still kind of smarts," she complained, while rubbing her side.

Stephen, who revealed he had visited Hawaii for his honeymoon, also asked the Trainwreck star which islands she had visited, leading her to confess she didn't have a great time while filming her movie there.

"I was sick the whole time!" she exclaimed, before explaining to Stephen that she is a city girl, and idyllic beach locations don't agree with her. "First of all, I'm from here (New York), so I like to sit and not move (on holiday). And, everyone hikes there (in Hawaii). They're so healthy. Like, dogs hike, cats hike. I was bedridden. I was too sick. Hawaii didn't totally agree with me."

Amy later joked about meeting Beyonce at the Met Gala back in May (16), when Stephen showed her a snap from the event where she's shaking hands with the Lemonade hitmaker.

"Me and Beyonce, best friends," she laughed. "I saw this picture and I really wanted to post it, but if you zoom in on my face, I look like a witch. That is a witch's profile. I am a witch, and I had no idea."

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