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Adele: 'Kate Bush inspired my comeback'

Adele credits reclusive singer Kate Bush with inspiring her career comeback.

The Rolling In The Deep star was among the celebrity fans who attended the music legend's highly-anticipated 2014 concert run in London, which came 35 years after Kate's last public performance.

Adele was enjoying a hiatus from music at the time, and admits seeing the Running Up That Hill singer make such a successful return after years in the pop wilderness convinced her to make her own comeback.

Kate revealed her teenage son encouraged her to go back to music, and Adele, who became a mother to a son named Angelo in 2012, empathised with her situation.

"Her whole show was about before her parenthood and then being a parent, and her kid was in it," she tells the New York Times. "I read somewhere, and I don't know if it's true or not, that (her son) said when he was 16, 'I want to know now why everyone loves you.'

"And it makes me so emotional. After that show, it was: 'I don't want to wait. I don't want to wait till my kid is 16, I want to show him (my son) now.' After that, I was: 'I don't care if no one wants me to make another... record. I'm making one for myself.'"

Adele scored a huge hit with her comeback album 25, which broke a number of records following its release last month (Nov15), and the singer recently announced plans for her first major tour in 2016.

She previously insisted she was reluctant to tour because of the "lonely" lifestyle, and Adele has now revealed she is planning to take her partner Simon Konecki and their son on the road with her, along with a number of pals, to keep her company.

"Obviously I'm going to have my friends with me and I'm going to have my family with me... The thought of how lonely (touring) could be frightens me more than the load of doing a worldwide tour."

During the interview, Adele also addresses rumours of problems in her relationship with Simon, insisting stories of a split are not true.

"We have always been together since we got together, despite what everyone else sometimes says," she explains. "I am very happy and I think that's the reason that I feel so comfortable that I can write about whatever I want. I got Simon's blessing for that. He was: 'Don't worry about what I'm going to think. This is your thing. Write about whatever you want.'"

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