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Adele invites impersonator on stage

Adele fans were seeing double in Washington after the singer was joined by an impersonator during her concert on Tuesday night (25Jul16).

The Hello singer was playing her second sold-out show at Seattle's KeyArena when she noticed a doppelganger in the crowd, whose uncanny resemblance prompted Adele to bring her onstage to get a closer look at the devoted fan.

Kris Zello, aka Kristie Champagne, was wearing a hand-made, floor-length sequined gown, very similar to the one Adele had on that night, and in video footage posted online, the British songstress is clearly stunned at the similarities between herself and her impersonator. With her mouth agape, she exclaimed, "You look amazing!"

After embracing her, Adele told the crowd Champagne is officially one of her favorite impersonators she's ever met, and even helped drum up business for the drag queen, who performs as the Grammy winner two nights a week at a nearby restaurant.

Speaking of the memorable encounter, Zello tells local news station Q13 her idol was "perfect" in person, adding that she used their precious one-on-one time to tell her exactly how much she has meant to her.

"I wanted her to know that her music not only is amazing but it touches people in (more) ways (than) she probably even knows, and I didn't want to miss my opportunity to tell her that she really helped to become the person I am today," Zello said.

Adele famously revealed her obsession with her impersonators during a sketch on U.K. TV special Adele at the BBC, in which she donned a prosthetic nose, fake chin and a wig to disguise herself as a singer called Jenny, and joined a line-up of Adele impersonators as they auditioned for a fictitious television program at a London theater.

The prank turned out to be quite emotional for Adele, who previously told breakfast show Today she's since made it her mission to track down all of her professional imitators.

"Nothing quite prepared me for walking towards, like, 10 other girls dressed up as me, that was pretty overwhelming, but the whole thing was funny, but also really, really beautiful, and I cried a lot at the end once I revealed myself," she said. "There's a drag queen in L.A. that I really wanna see; he looks amazing, he does a really good job. But now that I've done that it's, like, opened a whole new world for me; I wanna find all of them!"

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