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Adele invites herself to gay fans' wedding

Adele invited herself to a pair of gay fans' upcoming wedding after pulling the couple up onstage in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (09Aug16).

The Rolling in the Deep singer was chatting to the two men, Vince and Ryan, when they revealed they were planning to wed in Montana in September, 2017.

"Oh, I'm free!" the headliner cooed. "Can I come? I'd love to come!"

Vince told the Brit he'd dreamed Adele would be a guest at his wedding, while his groom-to-be cheekily asked Adele for her performance rate.

She then stunned the couple again by insisting she'd sing for free.

But, as the couple left the stage, the singer suggested she might be a little too busy to really attend the nuptials.

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