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Actor Rick Glassman slices tongue open during show rehearsals

Actor Rick Glassman was hospitalized on Friday (09Oct15) after suffering a nasty cut to his tongue hours before his TV comedy Undateable's live season premiere.

The clumsy star had been taking a break during rehearsals for the show when he bit into a bagel and accidentally chomped on his own tongue. The injury was so bad, he had to be admitted to a local emergency room, where he received stitches for the bloody gash.

The incident took place less than four hours before Undateable was due to launch its third season with a live episode on the NBC network, but he was able to return to work just in time for the show, according to TMZ.com.

He even joked about his injury on Twitter, writing, "My tongue hurts!!!!", while also dismissing reports suggesting he was having to perform while high on painkillers.

The new episode of Undateable featured surprise appearances from Scandal star Scott Foley and Scrubs actor Zach Braff, while Nico & Vinz also performed during the season premiere.

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