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A.J. McLean's pregnant wife suffers labour scare

A.J. Mclean's pregnant wife was hospitalised on Wednesday night (07Nov12) after experiencing a "false alarm" as she nears her due date.

The Backstreet Boys star and partner Rochelle are expecting a daughter in the coming weeks, and they marked their impending arrival with a baby shower last month (Oct12).

Rochelle sparked fears for her wellbeing when she tweeted a picture of an intravenous drip hooked up to her arm on Wednesday night, telling followers, "Umm... This hurts! Who woulda (sic) thought a needle would bother me! Hospital... no baby yet... false alarm."

McLean returned to the site on Thursday (08Nov12) to assure fans his wife had not gone into early labour.

In a post on Twitter.com, he wrote, "False alarm last night, Ro is not in labour. I will keep you all updated when she is!"

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