TikTok Stars Zoe Laverne & Cody Orlove Answer Burning Questions

Love is in the air and also in the Young Hollywood Studio when social media power couple Zoe Laverne and Cody Orlove stop by! We provide the adorable TikTok twosome with some burning q&a to get to know about them and how their love blossomed over the magic of social media! Find out which app it was that finally connected the two social soulmates and whether or not they believe in things like love at first sight, plus get to know some facts about them individually, such as when and why they first downloaded TikTok, how long it takes them to prepare a TikTok video, and which TikTok of theirs first went viral! Also, Zoe and Cody reveal which celebs they'd love to do a TikTok with, and both their answers have to do with their shared love of an iconic supernatural CW series!

February 13, 2020 | by Young Hollywood