Gen Art's Seven Fresh Faces

Young Hollywood was at the Sundance Film Festival to capture all the fun, and we went to one of the biggest parties at the festival, Gen Art's Seven Fresh Faces party, which honored some of the brightest newcomers to film. We talked to Jason Ritter about being honored as a fresh face and what he likes about the festival. Nip/Tuck's Dylan Walsh was also there to promote his independent film, Just Add Water, which co-stars Danny DeVito. Directors such as Juno's Jason Reitman and McG were also in attendance, and they talked told us about how the festival has changed over the years, the hype surrounding the independent films and why these non-traditional films are so important. Rachael Taylor from the hit summer flick, Transformers, also talked about the spirit and motivation that surrounds the people who make indie films. Hosted by Carly Steel.